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Core Classes are taught at the learning level and learning pace set by the class majority. The beauty of this is that it allows me to tailor my instruction to the needs of the class as a whole and to combine the pedagogy of a homeschool instructor with the methodology of a whole-class setting.

Our homeschool model is structured in such that I conduct the direct instruction and facilitate projects for the core classes and the independent practice takes place either for homework or during however, if your child has some learning gaps or needs to be challenged, it is ultimately up to the homeschool parent(s) to fill those gaps by reviewing the missed concepts or by providing supplemental material that will challenge your learner accordingly. Think of this model as a co-op, rather than a drop-off.

Please note that we will cover the necessary skills/topics suggested by the curriculum; however, we will NOT be completing every single page in the textbooks/workbooks. Many pages will be discussed orally in class or skipped because we supplemented them with an alternative project or activity.

I provide weekly feedback of learner’s progress to both parents and students with their graded work, comments on graded work, and how scores on individual assignments affect their overall grades in each subject. (Grades are accessible through Google Classroom.)

If you are a returning family, we have EXTENDED the class times for Language Arts and Math to allow more time for direct instruction. The class days and times are as follows:


Language Arts - 1.5 hrs.
Math - 1.5 hrs.
History - 1 hr.

Language Arts - 1.5 hrs.
Math - 1.5 hrs.
Science- 1 hr.

Tuition: $1,536.00   Materials fee: $50


Accepts Charter Funds: No

Charter Names: n/a


There are 2 payments options on my website.

• Pay in full (Save $100 with this option)
• Pay monthly (for 6 months)


Textbooks Needed:

If you are a returning family, we will continue using the same curriculum you already purchased for Language Arts, History, & Science. As students progress through the math curriculum we are currently using, we will re-evaluate what is needed next, based on the needs of the learners.

If you are new to Influence Learning Center, please read the following information regarding curriculum and what items you need to purchase:




Language Arts: We will be covering grammar and writing skills during the language arts course.

• The Resourceful Teacher Grammar Skills 5 Unit 1 Parent/Teacher Manual & Student Workbook
  • This will be used for the entire school year
• Step up to Writing
  • The writing curriculum will be supplemental material that I will provide at no additional cost to you.


Science: Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 Textbook & Notebooking Journal

  • This will be used for the entire school year


History: America’s Story 1 Student Book & Teacher Guide (The Teacher Guide has the students’ worksheets in them, so it DOES need to be purchased)

  • This will be used for the entire school year


Supplies Needed:

• Backpack
• Refillable Water Bottle
• Pencils (mechanical pencils preferred)
• Erasers
• Lined Paper (college ruled preferred)
• 3-Ring Binder (1½ inch)
• Spiral Notebook or Composition Notebook
• Pink, Yellow, and Green Highlighters


Contact info for questions:

Please email me at

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Price : 1,536.00 $

Max Availability : 10

Difficulty : 5th Grade 6th Grade

Location : Main Building

Typology : Core