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Life Skills Through Collaborative Learning B


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Life Skills Through Collaborative Learning B provides collaborative learning activities for students to learn, practice, and strengthen Christian character and real-life skills. Each week, students will be given hands-on engaging exercises that they will complete in learning teams. The collaborative learning skills build on one another week after week. They will learn how to be independent problem-solvers, critical thinkers, confident speakers, and Christ-like collaborators.


Grade Level(s): 4 th -6 th

Tuition: $240.00 Materials fee: $50

Accepts Charter Funds: No
Charter Names: n/a

There are 2 payments options on my website.
 Pay in full
 Pay monthly (for 6 months)
Textbooks/Supplies needed:
No Textbooks Needed!
 Pencils
 Erasers
 Lined Paper
 Folder

Contact info for questions:
Please email me at

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Price : 240 $

Max Availability : 10

Difficulty : 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade

Location : Annex