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Description: “Bible Basics: Soarin’ Through God’s Word” is a course designed to help your child soar through and learn an overview of each book of the Bible. In this course, we will use creativity, reading, journaling, and basic Scripture memorization in order to help us “soar through” each book of the Old and New Testament while learning the fundamentals of the Bible. During our first semester, we will take a journey while soaring through each book in the Old Testament, including the “who” (authors), “what” (took place), “where” (was each book written), “when” (did each book take place), and “why” (was each book written). During the second semester, we will repeat our process but this time we will focus on the New Testament. While soaring through each book together, we will also learn about the original biblical manuscripts, what influenced our modern translations of the Bible, the original languages associated with each, and most importantly, how to read and apply God’s Word in our every day lives. Homework may include: basic assigned Bible reading and Scripture memorization, journaling, worksheets, and finishing any work not completed in class, all designed for your child to learn the Bible at their own age level. Grade Level (s): 2nd-6th   Tuition: $ 96.00 (per semester) Materials fee: $0 Accepts Charter Funds: (Y/N) N Payment: Cash, Check, Zelle, Venmo @taylorcpike accepted. One time payment- Due Feb.1st OR 2 Payment Plan- one payment Feb.1st and final payment due April 1st.   Textbooks/Supplies needed:  NKJV Adventure Bible ISBN# 978-0-310-74626-3 Reading Book: Soaring Through The Bible ISBN# 978-0-7369-7557-5 White 1” 3 ring binder with clear pouch cover 1 set 8 tab dividers Contact info for questions: Pastor Taylor

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